The Dead Guy Spreadsheet (x.x)

6 09 2010

Aw. Poor dead guys. As I say around here when people accuse me of being excessively happy about someone’s death, “they are all dead. Mine just died on the job.”

I’ve got quite the collection of them now. I wish I knew more about them, like what they looked like and that sort of thing. But I can tell a lot about them just from what they owned:

For example, I can tell the difference between indentured apprentices and middle-class apprentices from the amount, type and quality of the things they owned. Most indentured young men own next to nothing, even very few clothes. Rich apprentices have things like large book collections and writing desks. Now, a working-class autodidact might have lots of books, but it took years to accumulate the types of libraries I’ve seen, and even if the indentured apprentice had a thirst for knowledge, he sure wouldn’t have the funds or space to keep many tomes.

You can also tell career men from their transient counterparts from books: entry-level working men with instruction manuals in their possessions often indicates that he was upward looking, in terms of promotion. And I do often find men who are the other kind of upward looking, with bibles and prayer books galore, though these men lived in the nineteenth-century, so I’m not surprised. Although, on account of the horrible reputation these men had during their lifetime, contemporary middle-class men and women might have been.

Gee, I Wish I was There When This Inventory was Taken

So enjoy the new Dead Guy widget I’ve put up. I’ll try to keep it up-dated. And yes, really: women’s silk underwear. I hope it was a gift.




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