Today is a New Day

4 09 2010


I hardly made it through yesterday, I was so frustrated and lonely. But anyway:

Tuesday is the start of new semester, my first as a graduate student. So I’m going to make some resolutions.

  1. Blogging. I am going to try to post on here something every other day at least, and try to blog not just about stuff, but also about what I’m reading for classes and that sort of thing. I am going to try to have 50% randomness and 50% genuine reflection on Things Academic.
  2. Work. No more procrastinating and moping! I will get things done and I will not let PCW’s absence bother me.
  3. School. I will read everything and I will be prepared to discuss it in class. I will not procrastinate. I will start assignments ahead and I will pass them in on time.
  4. Clothing. I will start making it! I will incorporate men’s and historical fashion into my designs to make a unique and expressive collection of clothes. I will bone a bodice for a halloween costume if it kills me.
  5. Weight. I will lose some. I will go to the pool three times a week, and try to avoid buying Peek Freans. And making copious about of baked goods.
  6. Hair. It’s going to be long again!
  7. Reading. I am going to force myself to learn to read quickly and efficiently, so that I stop wasting time reading every detail or forgetting what I’ve skimmed. I will take concise notes in a notebook or program specially selected for the purpose (maybe something moleskin).

So, I guess I better get back to work, if I’m not going to default on #2 a few seconds after writing it.

This is going to work. I need to make myself so busy that I don’t have time to think about Other Things. Discipline will be had!




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