RETURN showing the Number, Ages, Ratings, and Causes of Death

27 05 2010

xx Dead Guy Watch xx

Yep yep yep. I’m in the archive and I’m having fun looking at stats about my dead guys. Lots of crazy deaths here. For example, did you know that if you lived in 1866, you could die of Mortification of the Ear (1) or Toe (1)? How about Black Vomit (1)? Or Urine Retention (2)? Some of them are not so ridiculous, but are somewhat surprising. Can you actually die from insanity (2)? How exactly do you expire from Dysentery and scurvy (1) at the same? What the frick is Thunderstroke (1)? Some of them are archaic deaths … few people these days pass from Lock Jaw (7), consumption (163) or measles (3). And there are huge numbers for occupational deaths; 1219 men were killed by a particularly hazardous reality of their job.

All in all, 4866 men died in 1866.

There are some problems with these stats, obviously. Firstly, there is no context. While the table is broken down between tasks and age, there is no similar context for how many men were actually working. Secondly, who is declaring the cause of death? Some of them are probably overlaps, like Excessive Drinking (7) and Atrophy of Liver (1). And finally, there is the whole Unknown section, which accounts for nearly 1/5th of the deaths. That is a lot of question marks.

But still, these are great to have. And I know that in 4 out of 5 cases, someone was trying to figure out what these men died of and made sure to record it.

PCW is having a grand time with the legislation. Ze is currently dealing with the heaps of abbreviations and such attached to all our primary sources.

Quick PCW, hand me the The Project Legislation Repellent Spray!

Oh dear. Well, that will do.




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