Something’s Cooking

20 05 2010

… maybe.

Well, I have chicken stock on the stove and I boiled some eggs, mixed chicken salad for sandwiches and made a salad for my lunch tomorrow, but I wish other things would move off the counter and onto the burner.


It was beautiful in Colour City today, which was really something. We had lunch outside instead of the lunchroom or huddled in the dim campus bar, averting our eyes from the tv. I picked some blooms from a flowering tree, which I just realized I left in the archive. I mostly read today and cleaned my desk, much to the hilarity of my co-worker. Ze said my stacks of books looked like a castle wall I admit it does. So I’m bringing my little metal model of a French Gunner and his cannon to position on the parapet. He will guard me from all invaders!  I have the house all to myself as my roommate is out inducting some people from the Central Provinces into the local customs of the Coast.

Yes, it involves liquor.

Also, I’m trying to coordinate this party next week and it is not going so well. Basically we have one person coming from Far Away to convocate on Tuesday and I want hir to see us all before ze goes back but hir parents booked a very brief visit and so every night ze is here someone else in the group has something else on the go. It’s been a nightmare to plan. On top of it all, my folks are coming into town for the same days as ze and so I have to juggle my peers with my parents (and grandma). Ugh.

And my parents want this Super Awesome Historian’s Tour of Colour City which I don’t have the time or desire to provide. I charge for that, dammit! Not really, but hey … maybe I should. It seems to be popular.

… … …

Mellow Yellow? ... Nope.

I think I put too much tumeric into the stock because instead of being a nice chicken stock yellow, my soup is a horrid piss yellow. FAIL>> but I’m sure it tastes fine. And no one will notice when it becomes The World’s Best Mulligatawny Soup! Yum Yum Yum!

Also I need to make a cheesecake and some tandori chicken for the potluck at work on Friday. Maybe I should wear a casual tie …

This is just a long ol’ cooking edition of Acadic, isn’t it?

UPDATE: Now that it has begun reducing, the stock is becoming an even more horrific fluorescent-piss yellow. Yegads!




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