Lost in a Sea of Papers

18 05 2010


Someone misplaced a document and the people at the archive realized today. Now everyone is scurrying around looking for it, going through all my papers and boxes. I feel stupid and useless because I can’t help them but I look like I’m just sitting here, ambivalent. My co-worker on The Project used to work here and so ze is helping but I would just make a mess. I hope they find it, but it could be anywhere.

Neat little piles of chaos indeed.

In other news, I finished the revision of my paper this morning, so hopefully that goes forward and I’ll never have to see it again until it is a warm, crisp journal in my hands.

I feel accomplished. Now: To the Library!

This will do, I suppose...

UPDATE: No, the document was never found. Also, some shelves broke. It just wasn’t Archivist 3’s day today…




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