15 05 2010

Hmm. Empty stomach. What do I do? Start a blog. Yessir, this is indicative of how this is going to work. Blog=procrastination. Right now I am procrastinating on cooking supper and editing a research note which is due on Monday. I haven’t looked at it since last Monday when the editor sent it back to me. Time Management fail. Oh well tomorrow I’ll going down to the Coffee Shoppe with a friend to work and work I shall. Then it’s back to Real Work on Monday! Yay Real Work!

So to clarify: Yes I love my work, but we will come to that in a moment. I live here in beautiful Colour City, in a part of town which used to be run down but now has attracted lots of yuppies and academics who like its heritage flair and have put money into the area: enough to support a bakery, a butcher shop and a bar independent of the grocery stores and main bar drag of downtown. I live with a current Masters student of Biology, two Beagles and my cat. I can see the Catholic church steeple from by bedroom window and can hear the bell toll when the wind does not carry the sound out to sea, which is to say: I don’t often hear it, but I get excited when I do.

Yes I live near the sea, and I love it. The past year I lived back in the industrial part of town and I hated it. Too many ambulances and not enough harbour breezes. So I moved and clearly I am happy with that decision.  I love the ocean. It is the antithesis of my upbringing in Growing Rural Community which is based around agriculture and mining. It did not help that I lived on a dairy farm there either. There is a vibrant folksie-artsie culture in this town that people in my home would hate, and I think it’s great. Sometimes people here are a little TOO hipster for my taste, but frig it’s nice to be around folks who don’t look down on me for valuing Knowledge over High-Paying Job.

But that’s the great thing: sometimes you can have your cake AND eat it too. I have a great job doing research for my Masters supervisor. I’m finally going to use my history learning and get payed a decent wage! And, because it is my MA super, I am getting a head start on my research for the fall.

And what is said research, you ask? Well it just might be about the stuff dead Victorian working-class men owned, but you didn’t hear that from me.

I’m doing this research at the big government-funded university Nostalgic U, which was founded for (you guessed it) nostalgic reasons decades ago, got a face-lift in the 1950s, and has fallen into an inconsistent state of disrepair ever since because there is a tuition cap at a low low rate. Thankfully this makes the place very affordable but also has the adverse side-effect of putting little funds into infrastructure and other important areas and instead has the bulk of money moving into marketing. Because obviously if you offer a low low tuition, all you need to do is increase enrollment to make a buck. Such brilliant logic! I can’t see that failing any time soon.

But despite all odds, [I mean of course] it has. The university infrastructure, administration, resources and faculty cannot keep up to the bloated student body and the result is that everyone loses, except, of course, marketing. And the people who work in Shiny New Privately-Funded Building. Mmmm love that corporate money smell!

But anyway, yes. Welcome to this blog.

Yours, &c.





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